Non Tangible Assets


While data/information clearly has value, for insurance purposes it is generally not considered tangible property.  With the proliferation of data storage options, it is becoming easier and easier to protect critical data/information by duplicating rather than insuring.  However this is not always the case.  Our brokers are experts in helping our clients evaluate the data/information exposures of our clients.

With adequate backup procedures, critical data should be readily available, in the event of damage at the current office location.  If critical data is not properly backed up and readily accessible, a process should be initiated to remedy this issue.  While insurance can provide funds to recreate lost data, the time spent in doing so is generally more important in an organization’s ability to recover quickly from loss or damage than the costs involved.


Establishing and maintaining a good reputation is critical for any business operation.  We recognize that it may not only be necessary for a quality risk management program fund claims, processes and procedures also need to be in place to protect a clients reputation in order to effectively recover from some types of claims.