Human Assets

Workers Compensation

Most employees do not see workers compensation coverage as an employee benefits, coverage for occupational injury is important protection for both the employee and the employer. 

We believe keeping workers compensation costs under control requires attention to a number of details.  As a result we assist our clients in this area by coordinating the following services:

  • Ergonomic evaluation of the workplace to identify areas of improvement
  • Implementation of workstation set up in accordance with identified criteria for limiting strain and repetitive motion injuries.
  • Review and monitor of open claims for reserve accuracy and efficient treatment of injury and fastest possible closure of the claims.
  • Working with insurer claims personnel prior to the Unit Statistical filing to make sure the information filed is accurate and proper.
  • Keeping informed about trends in the workers compensation marketplace to deliver a more effective marketing and placement experience.

Employee Benefits

Nothing is changing faster in today’s employer environment than the cost, method and source of employee health and retirement programs.  While promises are being made about the future of these programs, employers are addressing the day to day reality of increasing costs and reduced service offerings over a wide variety of employee focused medical, disability and investment programs.  Businesses with less than 50 employees face an even stiffer challenge due to statutory rules that further limit price and coverage options.

We work closely with our clients to develop an employee benefits buying strategy that supports your budget and employee welfare goals.  Through our ISU affiliation, we have access to virtually every insurer.  This broad access to the marketplace is a key component to our success in delivering quality programs at competitive rates to our Employee Benefits clients.