Our Commitment

Creative and Competitive Solutions
The best programs are created when all parties, our clients, our staff and our underwriters bring their unique expertise to the same side of the table.  Working together to deliver unique, effective

Unbiased Advice and Representation
With no conflicts of interest to get in the way, we are in the unique position to provide unbiased advice and recommendations. We serve the interests of our clients, not insurers or any other third party.

Worldwide Access to Underwriters
We have comprehensive access to all top-rated underwriters across the country and throughout the world.

Privately Owned
As a privately owned company, our clients save money on professional fees because we do not have to meet short-term profit expectations or service large amounts of debt. We answer only to our clients.

Thorough Analysis and Practical Solutions
Utilizing detailed financial analysis, we provide customized coverage, not canned solutions. We make sure your coverage is understandable and appropriate for your needs.

Direct Communication with Underwriters
We believe in an inclusive partnership among the client, broker, and underwriter. When beneficial, clients will have the ability to communicate directly with their insurer or program manager.

Specialized Knowledge and Experience
Our associates are highly specialized and represent the best in their industry. They are our greatest asset.

Highly Responsive Personal Service
We deliver seamless, organized and proactive service. A dedicated client team will handle every aspect of your account.